Clemson Nanomaterials Center

Dr Rao

"We needed a research facility to conduct federally-funded nanotech research. SCRA quickly provided a specialized lab with all the equipment required to move forward."

Dr. Apparao Rao, Clemson's Nanomaterials Center Director

Eminent researcher, Dr. Apparao Rao, and his team of Clemson graduate students had begun to explore the possibility of using nanotechnology to improve energy-storage devices. Recognizing the potential of this research to increase the power of batteries and capacitors in hybrid and electric vehicles, power tools and various other products, the federal government awarded Dr. Rao’s team a contract to conduct the research required to realize this vision. In order to secure the contract, Dr. Rao’s team needed fast access to a fully-provisioned nanotech lab.

Within six months SCRA delivered the laboratory that Dr. Rao’s team required to secure the federal contract and move forward with their research. The application of nanotechnology to energy generation and storage, thermal management and the nanomedicine industry is now underway at the state-of-the-art facility. Professors Rama Podila and Sriparna Bhattacharya work closely with Dr. Rao on the research conducted at the nanomaterials lab.

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